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How do you do it to me it’s easy to tell you how to do it, and it’s incredible how few people do it right you do it in darkness on an empty stomach in silence and alone. It isn’t yes, although to see shrooms works in darkness the visions I mean a full moon night is stunning on a psychedelic. No question about it but the Mazatec ins and Zapotec and Indians of all the shrooms rows we ever dealt with in the amazon. It was all about getting into the hut closing the door blankets over the windows dousing the light. They didn’t do it alone they did it in large groups, and it’s all him for himself, yeah, but if you did it alone, you were considered a shaman, I think. I think that’s a lower dose most people who take mushrooms and claim knowledge of what Shrooms are about are talking about the two to three-gram level the game doesn’t begin. Until you reach five grams and the thing to remember when you’re calculating dose and also once you’re loaded is that it can’t kill you, it can only convince you that it can take so you know to make five grants to take six or eight grams is pretty terrifying. There’s no reason why you couldn’t take 50 60 70 grams. I’m not advocating it; I would never do it. Still, it’s because of your mind, not your body it isn’t a danger to your body in the controversy about MDMA that has gone back and forth many different ways I said if shrooms here’s a drug that’s perfectly safe and makes you think you’re dying every time you take it MDMA.
On the other hand, it never enters anybody’s mind that there might be a problem, and actually, they’re brushing right up against the Grim Reaper. So that’s funny, and when it convinces you when shrooms persuade you that you’re dying, there is not one iota of doubt left. It doesn’t partially convince you; It entirely assures you, and then you go through it, you know it doesn’t always do that, but it’s good to expect it to do that because it is a creeper by that particular deal of the deck.