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The evolution of weed online dispensaries has given ardent supporters of marijuana great joy from being able to purchase this powerful plant in Canada. Although local dispensaries are ubiquitous all throughout Canada since marijuana’s legalization; there is no doubt that ordering online for your marijuana needs is just more advantageous and secure.

A lot of weed online dispensaries rose to the occasion and provided deserving Canadians with high-quality cannabis. And one household name proclaimed as the best online dispensary in Canada is Cannabisy. Let’s get to know the company and its products so you can get started on purchasing your marijuana flowers and marijuana-infused digestible instantaneously. We know how bad you want it.

Cannabisy Review – About Cannabisy

Cannabisy is a well-known mail-order marijuana which offers legal, cheap, reliable, and discreet marijuana delivery Canada-wide. A team of marijuana experts assures the acquisition of the best cannabis from the top growers in British Columbia and ensures the distribution of supreme cannabis quality which is tried and tested by seasoned marijuana users. They value utmost secrecy hence; deliveries are always undistinguished. The Cannabisy team is passionate about administering natural healing powers through marijuana because they believe that every Canadian, age 19 and above, should minimize the use of synthetic drugs and experience organic healing physically and psychologically.

Cannabisy Review – Why Choose Cannabisy?

It is of extreme importance to always pick the best online dispensary in Canada when shopping for weed. Cannabisy takes great pride in the service supremacy that they offer. Their customer support team will even help you choose the perfect product suitable to your needs. Cannabisy also delivers the most affordable and fresh marijuana to get the most out of its natural elements such as THC and CBD. Cannabisy is proud to have been equipped with up-to-date cultivation technologies and storing techniques that ensure the right humidity for the entire marijuana’s shelf life. So if you want to buy weed online in Canada, there is no doubt that Cannabisy will deliver, anytime, anywhere.

An Unrivaled Line of Products

Whether you want to buy marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, Cannabisy will take care of your needs. All their marijuana flowers are guaranteed to cure health disorders, conditions, and diseases. All you have to do is choose which one is suitable for your lifestyle and tolerance.


Indica strains are said to have a physical effect and give you that “floating” feeling. These strains are perfect for relieving body pains or before sleeping after a strenuous day.

• Grape Kush – 3.5 grams – $35

• Pink Cookies – 3.5 grams – $35

• Presidential OG – 14 grams – $72.50

• Grape Stomper – 3.5 grams – $25

• Kraken – 3.5 grams – $30

• And a lot more…

Sativa strains are perfect for stimulating the mind. These strains are popularly-used during physical activities, social gatherings, or if you simply want to release your creative juices.

• Moby Dick – 3.5 grams – $35

• Sour Tangie – 3.5 grams – $35

• Citrus Skunk – 3.5 grams – $35

• Hempstar – 3.5 grams – $30

Hybrid strains are perfect when you want to get the effects of both Indica and Sativa strains. With a perfect mixture of both, you’re sure to have an unequaled experience from this type of flower.

• Trainwreck – 3.5 grams – $30

• Orange Cookies – 3.5 grams – $28

• Dank Schrader by Gas Can – $80


• Phoenix Tears by Miss Envy – 330mg CBD – $60

• High Heat Extracts – Shatter – $40

• Blonde Kief – 1 gram – $14

• Honey Oil by Talisman (Multiple Strains) – 1 gram – $84

• CO2 Vape Cartridges by Talisman (Multiple Strains) – 0.5 gram – $70

• Hash Mix and Match – 7 grams – $110

• Gorilla Glue #4 Hash – 3.5 grams – $60

• 91 Live Resin (Multiple Strains) – $70

• Diamond Distillate Clear Dabs (Multiple Flavors) – $50

• And a lot more…


• CBD Starter Pack – $99.99

• Mota White CBD Clear Sphere – $20

• CBD-THC Tincture by Miss Envy – 300mg CBD 100mg THC – $53.30

• Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb – 40mg CBD/THC per package – $13

• CBD-Infused Alcohol Spray – $29

• Mota 1:1 Tincture – $60

• And a lot more…


• Faded Edibles (Multiple flavors) – 150mg THC – 8 pcs per bag – $15

• Mota White CBD Milk Chocolate Cubes – 180mg CBD isolate – $29

• Mota Dark Chocolate Bar (Multiple flavors) – 300mg THC – $29

• Dweebs – 125mg THC per 25 grams – $15.50

• Herbivore CBD Gummies (Multiple flavors) – 150mg CBD per package – $22

• Rice Krispie Square Indica 140mg by Mary’s – $12

• And a lot more…


• Mota Iced Tea Mix – 150mg THC – $12

• Tea and Coffee by Mary’s Java (Multiple flavors) – 60mg THC 6mg CBD – $5

• Mota Canna Cocoa 150mg – Hot Chocolate – $12


• Buddha Bar by Miss Envy – $41

• Buddha Topical Cream by Miss Envy – $30

• THC Lip Balm – 100mg THC 5mg CBD – $9.50

• Mota Cannabis Bath Soak – 300mg THC – $29.50

• VIDA Massage Oils – 400mg THC 60mg CBD – 250 mL – $25


• The Quarry Premium Pre-Rolls (12 Strains) – 1 gram per tube – $11.50

• The Quarry Pre-Roll Mix and Match – $40

Pet Products

• Animalitos CBD Dog Tincture – $50

• Animalitos CBD Nose and Paw Balm – $13

Are You Ready for an Excellent Experience?

Go through the simple ordering process on Cannabisy’s website. A minimum order of $50 is required and any order below $199 will incur a flat rate of $15 via Canada Post’s Xpress shipping. However, for orders of $200 and above, the shipping fee is free. All payment transactions are encrypted and are only made through Interac e-Transfer.

Fast and Discreet Shipping and Packaging

Although Cannabisy is an accredited legal weed online dispensary in Canada, they understand how discretion is extremely important to their clients. They do not, in any shape or form, pack your cannabis orders in distinguishable boxes. All packages will be vacuum-sealed in smell-proof bags and are delivered within 3 business days once payment is confirmed.

Guaranteed Dispatch via Signature Authentication

To ensure utmost security for orders of $500 and above, a signature will be required upon delivery.

Cannabisy – Canada’s No. 1 Marijuana Online Dispensary

Cannabisy’s customer support is ready and willing to help you within operating hours. Please do not hesitate to email [email protected] for order cancellations, revisions, and defective or damaged products.

Don’t let others beat you to Cannabisy’s excellent products. No need to search for the best online dispensary in Canada anymore; your marijuana needs are all yours for the taking. Click and you shall receive!









Cannabisy is the Best Rated Online Dispensary in Canada