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The fun guys is one of my top three dispensaries to buy shrooms online. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to review the micro-dose capsules from different dispensaries so I’m going to be starting with the fun guys. I will also be more detailed with the pricing and include what deals or incentives the website has. I will update the other reviews to include micro-dose capsules also later on as well.

Well Designed Website

Website was very easy to use. They show you their coupons on their front page as well so you don’t have to dig for deals which is nice. Checking out was quick as well.

I know I usually order Golden Teacher to compare whole mushrooms with other websites but I noticed that they had the Psilocybe Cubensis Z Strain which are known for its potency. Its been out of stock almost every where I went so I had to get it. I Got a half ounce for about $200 which is about right for exotic strains. Also got 20 micro-dose capsules of the Psilocybe Cubensis for $69 which is good compared to other websites.


Shipping was Fast and Discreet

I ordered before I went to work. Got an email saying they processed my order about 5 hours later which was a suprise. I believe they usually ship by the next business day like other online dispensaries so I probably got lucky.


Friendly and Punctual Customer Support

Sent the fun guys an email after work. They replied around 1:00 pm next day which is OK. Answered my questions. Wasn’t a robot.

Like all businesses, it is better to contact them during regular business hours for quick response. It might take them some time to respond if you are messaging late or on the weekends.


Website is Secure

Website is SSL encrypted. Payments are made through email money transfers.


Properly Packaged for Shipping

The packaging is very tight and discrete. Nothing was damaged when the product was received. The micro-dose bottles were decent quality and the capsules were properly packaged with cotton balls inside the container as well.


Strains Listed for Whole Mushrooms

Cambodian Cubensis

Golden Teacher

Psilocybe Cubensis Z Strain


Strains Listed for Micro-Dose Capsules

Psilocybe Azurescens

Psilocybe Baeocystis

Psilocybe Cubensis

Psilocybe Semilanceata


*** As with all new suppliers you order from, we recommend that you order something you are familiar with so you can make a better comparison to what you are used to.

Also please exercise caution with dosages when trying a new supplier. This is very very important and we can not stress this enough.


Good Quality Products

The products all came as advertised. It was the genuine Z strain so the potency was good of course–no surprise there. The capsules were a good size for micro-dosing. I tested them and the potency and is about right for people looking towards Psilocybin as an alternative treatment.

I have quite a bit of experience with Psilocybin so my tolerance is higher than most. It took me about 5 capsules to get a chilling high but that’s me.

It varies from person to person but for other people, I would suggest only taking maybe 2-3 capsules if your just chilling. Taking 1 capsule will have very mild effects. The effects become more apparent with 2 capsules and up. If you’re out for an adventure then that’s up to you lol.

***As a rule of thumb, when you receive raw mushrooms, you must check to see if they sent you a whole piece to compare to the pictures. If what you received is grounded mushrooms, that is a big no no.


Competitive Pricing with Deals and Incentives

Pricing is very competitive compared to the other mail orders in the business.

These guys actually have some pretty good incentives also. You get reward points for every order and new customers get 200 points which is $10 in store credit. They got a 20% off discount right now too which is another plus. I believe the coupon code is TFG. You can find it on their main page. They give free expedited shipping for orders over $150 which I know the guys ordering bulk will definitely like.



Photos will upload soon on IMGUR


Final Thoughts

The website was very clean and easy to use. You can find their FAQs section on their contact page with explains the ordering/shipping process clearly as well. They have some pretty good incentives and they put it on their front page so you won’t miss out on deals.

What I really liked though was that they are actually giving back and are involved in the community. They even have a campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Surprisingly, they actually provide quite a lot of resources to help people find more information on Psilocybin and other psychedelics. You can find information on identifying mushrooms, harm reduction, and even links to other communities. They even got a section for shroom recipes lol.

Like I mentioned in my other reviews, I suggest you do more research online before you start to experiment with Psilocybin.

Again, with every new supplier you order from, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take it easy with your first dosage.

Start with micro-doses and commit to your dose for at least 2 hours. When you have a better feel of the potency and know that what you have is genuine psilocybin mushrooms–only then is when you should increase the dosage to what you are comfortable with.

I know I say this with every review but I can not stress this issue enough.

Please be very cautious with dosing when you are ordering from a new supplier or even if it is just a new batch from the same supplier.

Your safety is most important and is worth any inconvenience.


Side Notes

Found some interesting links to videos that helps with bad trips in their harm reduction section.

Thought some people might find it handy so here’s the link: