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The official legalization of marijuana in Canada this year has opened the doors for online business opportunities. The influx of weed online dispensaries has made this miracle plant easier and safer to acquire. That being said, more people are joining the cannabis bandwagon and want their fair share of miracle healing stories through the use of marijuana. But with so many online dispensaries to choose from, which one should you opt for?

A lot of reviews on the different weed online dispensaries are available on the web for every cannabis lover. They now have the privilege of picking the best among the rest through product and service comparisons via online reviews. One noticeable contender in the business is Green Society. We will encapsulate all the advantages and why you should purchase your marijuana fix from this company through this Green Society Review.

What is Green Society?

From the name itself, Green Society is more than just a weed online dispensary. They consider their team and clients as a society of cannabis aficionados. Those that share their passion and love for the intrinsic healing capacities of marijuana enjoy ceaseless benefits for a better mind, body, and soul. Green Society believes that a holistic healing approach through smoking or ingesting marijuana is an excellent way to live longer and happier. That’s why they are considered as the best online dispensary in Canada because their service is unparalleled.

Composed of a team of cannabis experts from Vancouver, Canada; they provide marijuana advocates with affordable, legal, secure, and reliable mail-order marijuana all throughout Canada. All their marijuana flowers and marijuana-infused products are guaranteed of topmost quality.

What Makes Green Society the Best Online Dispensary in Canada?

Green Society values their clients’ trust and respect, so every order is a sure-fire way of getting the most out of each cannabis product. Whether you use it for recreational or medicinal purposes, Green Society gives you what you need, when you need it!

The evolution of propagating marijuana has brought about modern growing techniques and technologies, and Green Society is a community which always adapts new trends. Their marijuana products are hand-picked by the virtuosos of marijuana cultivation, ensuring proper humidity and storage so all products are always fresh and free from molds.

Extensive Product Line

Through the efforts and hard work of the company, they have gained a good reputation and a regular clientele over the last few years. So whichever products you choose from Green Society; expect to get 100 percent high-quality marijuana with full confidentiality before and after transactions.

Here are the wide-ranging products and their pricing from different categories. Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The Green Room

Shop your heart out from the best Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains sourced from reputable growers in British Columbia. Some of their best strains are:

• Rockstar Kush – 3.5 grams – $32

• Tom Ford – 3.5 grams – $35

• Mataro Blue – 3.5 grams – $33

• Pink Kush – 28 grams – $140

• Blackberry Kush – 3.5 grams – $35

• Laughing Buddha – 3.5 grams – $33

• Grapefruit – 3.5 grams – $36

• Jack Herer – 3.5 grams – $35

• Nebula – 3.5 grams – $33

• Strawberry Cough – 3.5 grams – $33

• Love Potion #1 – 3.5 grams – $32

• Skywalker OG – 3.5 grams – $32

• Shishkaberry – 3.5 grams – $33

• Wedding Cake – 3.5 grams – $35

• Lemon OG – 3.5 grams – $33

• Cheese Quake – 3.5 grams – $32

• God’s AK-47 – 3.5 grams – $33

• And so much more to choose from!


Their cannabis-infused concentrates are highly potent and are delivered in the forms of Phoenix Tears, Shatters, Hash, Extracts, et al. Here’s a wide variety you can choose from:

• Purely Medicinal – Phoenix Tears CBD 200mg – $60

• Twisted Gushers Caviar by 91 Supreme – $80

• Super Lemon Haze Shatter by XO Extracts – $45

• Live Resin by Diamond Concentrates – $60

• Martian Candy Shatter by Wonka Extracts – $40

• Sour Bubba by Diamond Concentrates – $45

• 91 Supreme CO2 Vaporizer Kit – $70

• CO2 Distillate by Supernova Phyto Extractions – $55

• Hindu Kush Live Resin by Diamond Concentrates – $60

• And so much more to choose from!


Another fun way of satisfying your sweet tooth is through marijuana-infused edibles such as baked goods, candies, chocolates, and tinctures. Made with just the right consistency of THC and CBD, these edibles are potent enough to give you that soothing feeling from consuming cannabis. Some edibles and their pricing are:

• Twisted Extracts Green Apple Jelly Bomb 80mg per package (comes in a variety of flavors) – $13

• Mota CBD Clear Sphere – 100mg CBD – 25 grams – $22

• Mota Chocolate Dipped Sour Keys – 100mg – 40 grams – $9

• Mota Brio Lemon – Cran CBD Bites – 40mg CBD – $11

• Buuda Bomb Milk Chocolates – 100mg THC – $15.50

• Liquid Gold Products Indica Avocado Tincture – 200mg – $20

• And so much more to choose from!

CBD for Pets

• Canna9Wellness Bully Bits – $25

• Creating Brighter Days CBD-Enriched Dog Treats – $27


• Buddies Clear Magnetic Plastic Grinder with Storage – $2.50

• Green Society Medtainer – $13

• Juicy Hemp Wraps – $4.75

• Raw ¼ Rolling Paper – $3.50

• Green Society Logo Key Chain – $6

• Green Society Logo Lanyards – $10

Easy Ordering System

Purchasing your first Green Society marijuana products are made easier through their user-friendly website which will guide you every step of the way. In addition, a credit of $10 worth of points can also be used on your purchase.

Safe and Secure Payments

Green Society offers convenience in payment transactions hence, you can pay via Interac e-Transfer, or cryptocurrencies such as Verge, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. With a minimum order of $50, you are now one step closer to obtaining high-quality marijuana strains. Also, if you reach a $200-order threshold, the shipping fee will be waived.

Fast and Discreet Shipping

There’s a reason why Green Society is proclaimed as the best mail-order marijuana dispensary in the country because they value their clients’ discretion. All orders are packed in vacuum-sealed, smell-proof bags so as to avoid any suspicion from nosy neighbors.

Rest assured that your orders will arrive within 3 business days provided that there are no uncontrollable delays.

Excellent Customer Service

In the event of defective and damaged products, Green Society’s friendly customer support team is ready to help. You may chat with them on the webpage, create a support ticket on the webpage, or email them through [email protected].

Green Society – The Most Outstanding Mail-Order Marijuana in Canada!

If you’re ready to buy weed online in Canada, a lot of satisfied clients have shown their undying support for this company because of the consistent service excellence and high product quality. There’s no need to look for the best weed online dispensary anymore, you’ve got everything you need right here at www.greensociety.ca.









Green Society is the Best Rated Online Dispensary in Canada