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The legalization of medical marijuana in Canada since 2001 has paved the way for easier, faster, and more secure online dispensaries that customers can freely access. With more and more types of illnesses being ameliorated by the powerful effects of cannabis; the popularity of medical marijuana has amassed quite a number of approving nods by certain sectors in the country.

Along with the surge of online dispensaries, also come the rotten eggs in the industry as well. It’s important to be on your toes and keep an eye on those that offer substandard marijuana products. One exceptional dispensary based in Canada is Healing Empire. Before we get to their premium-grade products, let’s get to know the company a little bit and the service excellence they offer through this Healing Empire review.


Healing Empire is a leading online dispensary in Canada which prides themselves in offering medical grade marijuana made available to every client rapidly and securely. True to their mission in merchandising high-quality products, they have enforced strict adherence to using only quality concentrates and the best cutting-edge, effective technologies in growing cannabis making it the best online dispensary in Canada.

Acclaimed as a fully recreational dispensary, clients over 19 years of age are more than welcome to shop for their needs in a variety of first-rate strains without the need for a medical marijuana license.


Praised for its immeasurable privacy and security features, Healing Empire is proud that they’re constantly adapting the leading-edge information management systems to make sure that the client’s information is always encrypted and protected. One example is how they ensure utmost security when shopping for your medical marijuana needs by using cookies which track the customers that continuously browse and buy from their site so they can deliver regional and personal information. These contain the user’s information details which are encrypted and are used for their protection, and to minimize potential risks as well.


Healing Empire only has an uttermost respect for their customers, that’s why they can assure that the customer’s contact information like emails and numbers will not be handed over to any third-party sector at all times. And if in case a customer opts out of promotional emails from the company, they may freely do so by clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the most recently received email.


The company has prioritized their customer’s satisfaction by providing top-notch cannabis in Canada so they know they’re getting their money’s worth. Listed below are their products and pricing in their specific categories.


These are some of the flowers they offer at 2 grams per order.


– OG Kush at $16

– AK47 Kush at $16

– Pineapple Express at $16

– Cotton Candy at $16

– Bubble Gum at $16

– Dank Schrader at $22

– Chiquita Banana at $22

– Gorilla Glue #4 at $23

– Pink Starburst at $23

– Pink Kush at $23

– And many more…


– MK Ultra at $18

– Mango Kush at $18

– True 0G $18

– Master Kush at $20

– White Rhino at $20

– Kosher Kush at $20

– Death Bubba at 20

– Black Gas at 20

– And many more…


– Blue Dream at $16

– Sour Diesel at $18

– Green Crack at $18

– Lemon Haze at $18

– Maui Wowie at $18

– Great White Shark at $18

– Grapefruit at $20

– And many more…



– 30 mL Grape at $15

– 250 mg in 10 mL bottles at $59.99

– 60 mL Mr. Ease at $79.99


– Purps Star Rosin at $45

Phoenix Tears

– CBD + THC Phoenix Tears – Purely Medicinal at $60

– CBD Phoenix Tears – Purely Medicinal at $60


– 75mg CBD Capsules at $10



– 1 Gram Premium Budder (AAAA) at $75


Marijuana oils sold at 0.5 ml per order:

– Serenity (Flavorless) at $50

– Reverie (Grape) at $50

– Mirage (Mango) at $50

– Muse (Honey Dew) at $50

– Hybrid Shatter Tanks (Tutti Fruity) at $50

– Banana Distillate at $80


– 1 Gram Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter at $45

– 1 Gram AK47 Shatter at $45

– 1 Gram Dank Schrader at $45

– 1 Gram Blue Dream Shatter at $45



– 80 mg Apple Jelly Bomb at $10

– 50 mg Chocolate Chip Cookie at $10

– Lollipops at $10

– 50 mg Marshmallow Square (Peanut Butter) at $10

– And many more…


– 75 mg Chocolate Mint Cream Cookies at $12

– 75 mg Sweet on You Chocolate Cherry Truffles at $12

– 75 mg Chocolate Oreos at $12

– 75 mg Chocolate Vanilla Cake Cream Cookies at $12

– 75 mg Coconut Cream Cookies at $12


An ordering system made easy by Healing Empire only requires you to click on the preferred product, proceed to checkout, and pay via Interac e-transfer. Once payment is confirmed, your order will then be shipped within 12 to 24 hours.


After successful payment transactions, rest assured that all shipments will be on their way within 12 to 24 hours. All parcels are properly sealed to ensure an odorless package and a fresh one when you open it. Healing Empire offers different shipping methods depending on your preference. Expedited shipping usually takes 3 to 5 days while express shipping takes 1 to 3 days from the Healing Empire headquarters to your doorstep via Canada National Postal System.


Healing Empire guarantees superior products all the time but in the event of defective products, the company won’t be able to issue refunds due to the nature of the business. They are glad to offer their customers store credit or product replacement instead. This will be in the form of a coupon which will have a 90-day validity. Please do contact the customer service team through this email, [email protected], and they will be happy to assist you with any concerns that you may have.

If you’re looking for the best online dispensary in Canada, search no more because, at Healing Empire, you’re bound to receive overall quality, security, and satisfaction through just a few clicks online.








Healing Empire is the Best Rated Online Dispensary in Canada