We love testing new pharmacies online, and Swift Green is a perfect fit. We were impressed with its cleanliness and professionalism when we found this site, so we wanted to see what they did. SwiftGreen is worth adding to your list, especially if you’re in Vancouver. This delivery pharmacy will have your order delivered to your door in less than 2 hours for those living in Vancouver.

SwiftGreen Delivery Dispensary Review

So let’s see why Swift Green is your next store in our Swift Green Delivery pharmacy review.

Ease of Use & Selection

That’s the standard today; if the site sucks, there’s a good chance your order won’t get there. This is not a Swift Green issue; the place is clean and easy to use. Whether it’s registration or checkout, the process is simple.

The navigation and product selection was impressive. Swift Green has a massive selection of categories and contains everything you might need; concentrates, vaporizers, CBD, mushrooms and food products. In this store, you will find what you need. The purchase and payment process is simple; helpful information is highlighted on the screen.

Again, super clean standard and everything worked fine.

Service Quality

A good website experience determines the appearance of the rest of the order. First, we have to say that the quality of service is impressive; the goods arrived quickly, with lots of goodies and bonuses.

Not to mention night expeditions (expect more time in the Eastern Provinces, though). Prompt follow-up emails let me know my order is being processed. We also always send security questions to support – they respond within 5 minutes.

The product is well packaged in a discreet, odourless box (considering all its dirt). Everything in my order was as expected.

What About Swift Green’s Products?

As mentioned above, the choice is enormous, so we tried to take a little from each category.


Nice front roll. The quality of the cannabis flowers is much better than regular pre-rolls – delicious and potent. It even has a pre-roll promotion – which feels good.


You can’t go wrong with THC gummies, especially when given away for free. Every SwiftGreen order is associated with the Wavy Edibles brand, which mass-produces premium fudge. We love these foods, especially blue raspberries.

Vape cart & Live Resin

Although the choice of concentrates is small, we found the same beautiful products found in any supermarket. The high voltage evaporator carts are among the best on the market, which is very important for the 1g honey oil cartridge. Gash sauce will not disappoint. As for Live Resin, we don’t really like smearing it on, but we like ordering heavier concentrates to try. The effect, of course, is still powerful, but the taste, in this case, was excellent.

Don’t miss the finishing touches in Swift Green.

Bath Bomb

We ordered the VVS CBD bath bomb – I haven’t used it yet, but the fragrance smells good. This CBD bath bomb will give you pleasure and relaxation. They’re an excellent gift for someone who loves marijuana – it’s THC-free, so it’s easy to share.

Final Say

We highly recommend SwiftGreen for any cannabis order. Competitive price, fast delivery and excellent product quality. This store has something for you, it covers many categories, and the selection keeps growing.

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If you’re in Vancouver, we’ve been told this is the best and fastest delivery service. You can get rid of weeds this afternoon with the same coupon!