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Triple Loud is the originator of $99 Oz Online. Prices may fluctuate, but they have decided to keep it consistent with $99 Oz. They are customer-oriented, value-driven, one-stop shops for all alternative medicinal needs. They recently just partnered up with Aunt Jane to provide a more for less value proposition for everyone. Similar to a dollar store, […]

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From gummy bears to cookies and brownies, the oral consumption of marijuana products, often colloquially termed edibles, have been common and popular since the drug gained public awareness. And while its effects on people are relatively similar to that of smoking, there are a few marked differences between eating cannabis compared to all other forms […]

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Medical marijuana is a hotly debated topic. Many claims that for thousands of years, people have used the plant to treat many ailments. However, government authorities still do not consider marijuana safe or even effective for the treatment of any type of medical condition. Despite the cannabidiol receiving approval for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy, […]

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Ever since countries around the world started reassessing their views when it comes to the legality of marijuana, more and more people have been getting curious about its uses and benefits to human. As more and more rules are being lifted, scientists have experienced greater freedom in conducting research about the plant, and many results […]

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These days, you can basically buy whatever you want to online. It has become the new Mecca for shoppers and virtually anything you can think of is available in online stores, including weed. Yes, weed. Gone are the days that we have to meet up in sketchy alleys to meet our local dealer to buy […]

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Why Buying Weed Online is Gaining Popularity It’s no surprise that medical weed is now widely-embraced by Canadians all throughout the country and even in other countries as well. First and foremost, medical weed is an exceptional way of curing a handful of health disorders, conditions, and illnesses without too much of the side effects […]

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