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Unlock the mysteries of your brain with the finest collection of magic mushrooms from ShroomsDirect – your online source of psychedelics in Canada.


Quick and simple to use website (no registration required). The main payment method is e-transfer, but they also offer payment by mail and crypto for additional security if the customers want privacy.


Order was shipped the next day by Canada Post express post. Order arrived safely with no problems or damages.


It took some time for the customer service agent to respond to my questions. Their responses were clear and professional.


Regular packaging not too fancy.

Product Quality 

Product was received as advertised (no complaints)

Products include

I ended up ordering the minimum order quantity for each of their selection to try their whole line up.

The featured and most popular strain on the site is Mazapatec known for its potency is high.

They are known for consistently carrying Big Mex Shrooms, Shroom Teas, Transkei Cubensis, and Golden Emperor Lemon Tek Gummies.

Dried Shrooms:

Alacabenzi Cubensis shrooms

Albino A+ Cubensis shrooms


Rusty White Cubensis

Shroom Capsules 

Big Mex Shrooms


Alacbenzi Cubensis Gummies

Big Mex Lemon Lime Gummies

Equador Cubensis Lemon-Strawberry Gummies

Shroom Capsules

Chocolate Shrooms

Transkei Lemon-Raspberry Gummies


Products include:

Dried Shrooms:

Alacabenzi Cubensis shrooms

Albino A+ Cubensis shrooms


Rusty White Cubensis

Shroom Capsules 

Big Mex Shrooms


All edibles are made from the strains that are currently available

Shroom Gummies (Various Strains)

Shroom Capsules (Various Strains)

Shroom Chocolates (Various Strains)


Shroom teas come in three different flavours – Lemon Ginger, Licorice Leaf, and Coconut & Pineapple


They are one of the mushroom dispensaries with a higher price range. The products are high quality and authentic.

Ounces usually go for $460 

All the capsules are weight .5 grams 14 Capsules for $90

Gummies 7 pieces for $80 .7 grams in a piece



Shrooms Direct Coupon Code

They do not have any discounts or price breaks for an expensive menu. There is free shipping on orders over $200

Overall Feelings 

The website is basic and does not look very professional. At first glance I was hesitant to buy from them before I confirmed their legitimacy. They could definitely use an upgrade if they want customers to take them more seriously. Nothing special just like most of the websites that are currently offering this service. If they want to justify the high price at least have better customer service and a website that is not an eyesore. The good thing is that they are 100% legit and will not scam you. I am usually willing to pay a bit extra not to get scammed.