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This article is for research and entertainment purposes only judge may in this article cause a dangerous reaction. we do not support committing illegal activity repeating what’s in your tanks that shocks me resilient arrest injury or death in the outdoors. magic mushrooms of the Seleucid cubensis variety to find on cow and horse farmers. they’re growing out of the cow and horse poop Morris family found after a rainy day quite often by hippies who are later chased off by angry farmers get out of here – damn hippies beat you, bro, while outdoor cultivation is possible. most people grow inside this because, for most, it is far easier to grow inside many parts of mushroom growing acquire sterile controlled environments. most growers start with sport prints spores are the reproductive material of mushrooms these are collected from the bottom of mushroom caps after the veil breaks the sports prints are then often used. make spore syringes for future growing sports syringes and prints are legal in most parts of the world, including many parts of the USA for a microscopic study they sell in Canada and several EU countries. as well sports arenas are using not clean grown mushroom substrates if every pound of substrate or quart you want to use 2 to 3 cc’s of spore solution during an operation you want to place a little in each corner. In the center, the fringe of the sport also needs to be shaken, and injection needs to grow in a sterile environment of sterile gloves; the spore syringe needle also needs to be flame sterilized, preferably by a clean source such as butane in between every injection. it’s crucial to clean all services and use antibacterial spray for the air before inoculation. It is also best to use rubbing alcohol for cleaning spores can also be used in knock Clayton agar, and living cultures; both of these have various uses for an aspiring mycologist. he Benzes mushrooms Colin is most rapidly between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. temperatures higher than this range may kill the mycelium and encourage both contaminants and temperatures lower than this rage may slow down colonization. The easiest way to get a good mushroom substrate is to order pre-made spawn bags or drawers online that are already stale and ready for injection. Such as the ones in the description if you want to make your mushroom substrate, you need to find an appropriate grant respond like rye berries in a container for your substrate a perfect container will consist of a micron filter such as Tyvek. A self-healing injection port and needs to be autoclavable so the subject could ex the substrate you choose needs to boiling water getting rid of any dirt and residue and so for 24 hours. Afterwards, you want to load the still moist substrate into the container of your choice and make sure it’s properly sealed. Then your shroom substrate needs to be autoclave and pressure cooker at 15 psi; make sure to load the substrates four-quart jars properly. it takes about an hour and a half while five pounds worth the bag states approximately two hours at 15 psi before knuckle action. you have to pick a stranded grill; several different types of spores produce different varieties and magic mushrooms. some of the favourites for beginners are P+ Cambodian and pink buffalo; these three are known well due to the speed they colonize the yield they’re resistant to contaminate pertinency. After you sterilize a small substrate, please do not open it to the fresh air until full colonization of your substrate. colonization with spores only takes one to three weeks before the substrate will be fully colonized and consolidated after 15 to 25% of your substrate has been colonized. it’s a good idea to mix it up this will speed up the growing process when you do this make sure not to open the container you want to make sure your fruiting chamber is sterile this is where the mushrooms are grown. normally we want to be sprayed down with the rubbing alcohol and wipe it out most people grow you’re going to use them as is or turn it into a mono tub for increased airflow you can also grow straight from the grow bag. What’s the colonize all you have to do is open the bag and properly fruit them; however, growing out of bags normally produces lower yields. once your substrate is on colonizing, you want to make sure to get it super moist many people like to dunk it in water. You can wear them as a case, or you could break them up and grow them in layers now is the opportunity to use a bulk substrate. but it’s not a requirement; this is where you mix your colonized bond with the sterilizer pasteurize both substrates normally. I mix a poop and Coco noir a ratio of one to one is safest if you use this method that you have to wait for colonization again when you have your colonized substrate. You’re going to want to do what’s known as a casing layer this is where you place a small layer of vermiculite on the bottom of the container and top of your substrate this helps prevent Tam’s and provides proper moisture content. The substrate layers should be in between two to four inches while the casing .owners only need to be a half an inch on the bottom and a quarter-inch thick on top mushrooms. in high humidity, you want to keep the inside of your fearing chamber and then 90 to 95 percent range. they should be water using a mist or 2 to 3 sonic daily with water that is sterile such as distilled water remember to be sterile during injection, and when touching your sterilized ball substrate spawn substrate and any mycelium, this means wearing sterile gloves and using a dust mask airflow is also very important to grow magic mushrooms. many beginners my colleges monetize by putting several holes in a tote and filling them polyfill or covering tie bag. it needs to that too much airflow makes it hard to control humidity; it’s beneficial to keep the holes close to the substrate instead of making a monotube you could fill out the tub two-three times a day. When watering using the lid to the tote when not watering, it’s important to keep the lid on the tote. environments with inferior air quality may have significant problems in trying to grow mushrooms using a HEPA air filter and keeping fruiting chambers off the floor. especially carpet may help once your substrate colonizes, so you expect to take anywhere from a week to two weeks of fruit and the additional week until harvest first time. You see, mushrooms are known as pinning; you may have mushrooms grow several times on the same block; this is as a flush. there can be as many as two to seven flushes you want to make sure there is a bit of light when growing; you don’t want direct sunlight but ambient light. that’s why it’s best to use a clear tote as a fruiting chamber many different types of contaminants may affect your substrates. The three most common are sour rot cobweb and Trichoderma. however, there are many others as well are you say any weird colours such as green red or both black any Brown sludge or off white mycelium that resembles cobwebs. you’re going to want to throw out your substrate when harvesting. you want to grab from the base and twist pulling up gently using sterilized gloves run. Do your best to avoid hurting your total substrate yield can vary widely based on the growing conditions; for excellent conditions, every pound of drive substrate after colonization can yield one up to two pounds of fresh mushrooms. fresh mushrooms are 90 to 95 percent water rate dry the mushrooms increase their weight by 1,000 percent, or more one pound of fresh Michener’s would be equivalent to approximately 50 grams dry while fresh mushrooms have a higher amount of psychedelic alkaloids. fresh mushrooms can only last a couple of weeks in the fridge and should never be frozen. Dried mushrooms, however, can last almost indefinitely if dry properly. then vacuum sealed and frozen when drying magic mushrooms you can use the dehydrator; however, it is better to fan dry them and then to place them into a jar that has a second until it’s cracker-thin. at this point, when all the water removes from the mushrooms, it is then safe to put them into a vacuum-sealed container and, in a freezer, also make sure not to let mushrooms touch any rot a second it was not already in a packet. you want to add a piece of foil or liner in between them thanks for watching my article if you enjoyed it please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and make sure to check out the description to learn more and if you want to find me on social media.