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Medical marijuana is now being welcomed by most health institutions today. With the advent of numerous terrifying stories about patients having severe side effects from synthetic medicines, a few open-minded people have now turned to medical marijuana for alleviating even minor illnesses. The prolific use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes is pushing some countries to open their doors to legalizing medical cannabis. Decriminalizing it would only mean hindering its inhabitants of a good and natural way of curing several health problems. And one of the advanced-thinking countries which just legalized medical marijuana is Canada.

Medical marijuana was vetoed in 1923 and was legalized in 2001 for medical use; but because of the surge of all the success stories circulating online or offline, Canada now has an open-door policy on marijuana for recreational use. One household name in medical marijuana in Canada is Evergreen Medicinal Supply. Why it’s the best online dispensary in Canada will be covered in this Evergreen Medicinal review and its transcendent products as well.


Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc.’s bravado in providing superior cannabis and cannabis extract products is one reason why this online dispensary is growing by the minute. Located in a 2.9-acre of agricultural land, the company is operating on a 5,700 square foot accredited facility.

Also popularly known as, Evergreen, the company has a repertoire of applying the most leading-edge technologies in cultivating cannabis, and will definitely not stop there. Evergreen Medicinal Supply is unquestionably embracing and constantly updating their skills in growing to keep up with the most recent innovations as well.


With a handful of online dispensaries out in the market, Evergreen Medicinal Supply is considered the best online dispensary in Canada because all their products are lab-tested for potency especially in their organic edibles. The reason being is that they undoubtedly pride their selves in using the finest concentrates, with every single product calculated and precisely branded for safe consumption.

The goal of the company is to always put the efficacy of their products first to give clients the highest form of effectivity, that’s why they have stable relationships with prime medical growers, concentrate producers, and bakeries to warrant clients top-notch quality products. They also work hand in hand with their laboratories to ensure a clear-cut effectiveness from the medical marijuana products available. That being said, their labs also make certain that products are properly cultivated and stored, free from molds and with appropriate humidity settings.



This category offers the best sativa, hybrid, and indica from the cream-of-the-crop growers in Canada. Some sample products and their prices per king-sized pre-rolled packaging are:

– Sugar Cookie AAAA at $10

– ATF – Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAAA at $10

– Bubba Kush AA at $8

– OG Shark AAAA at $10

– Girl Scout Cookies AAA at $9

– Ice Cream AAA at $10

– Oregon Golden Goat AAAA at $10

– Grape God AAAA at $10

– Island Pink AAA at $9

– Nightmare OG AAA at $10

– Cinderella 99 at $10

– Nuken AA at $9

– Black Tuna AAA at $9

– And a lot more!


Their edibles have a variety of delicious but effective products to choose from, in the form of gummies and sours. Here’s the list of yummy goodies of flavored THC or CBD for those with sweet tooth and cannabis cravings.

– Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts 70mg at $10

– Twisted Extracts CBD Peach Jelly Bomb 80mg CBD at $12 (Also comes in other flavors: Pineapple, black cherry, mango, orange, apple, and raspberry)

– Herbivores Edibles Variety Pack 225mg at $27

– Herbivores Edibles Blue Foot Blasts 150mg at $18 (Also comes in strawberry and banana flavors)

– Herbivores Edibles Grape Sours 150mg at $18

– Herbivores Edibles Cherry Sours 150mg at $18

– Herbivores Edibles Watermelon Sours 150mg at $18

– Herbivores Edibles Buzzy Peaches 150mg at $18

– Herbivores Edibles Candy Colas 150mg at $18


You can choose high-quality products in several categories from CBD, oils, shatter, rosin, and hash. Here are some of the items ready for the taking.

– CBD Move Crystalline 500mg at $50

– Pet CBD Salmon Oil 75mg at $30

– Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1,000 $130

– THC Distillate by True North Weed Co. at $70

– Nuken Resin by True North Weed Co. at $60

– Apothecary Organic CBD-Infused Medicated Soap 100g at $13

– Moon Rocks at $40 (Come in 4 flavors: Original, blueberry, peaches and cream, vanilla ice cream)

– And so much more to choose from!


Evergreen Medicinal Supply offers a user-friendly website and ordering is quite simple and easy. Just browse through the preferred products and click “Add to Cart”, and finally click on the shopping cart icon located on the upper right corner for the “View page cart”.

Once you’re in the Checkout page, you will have to input your email address but if it’s your first time ordering, you will be required to upload your photo ID which is also kept safe and secured. When you’ve gone through the steps completely, just click “Proceed” and you’re all set.


The company provides a discreet, safe, fast payment and shipping system which is only through e-transfer. Once payment is made and confirmed, the tracking number will be provided, and your order will be shipped the following day. The shipment takes about 2 to 3 days with a vacuum-sealed parcel to protect the product, although it may take longer for remote areas.

While shipping depends on the recipient’s location, the company also offers a free shipping feature for orders over $150 and Canada Post is a trusted courier service which the company uses for all their shipping transactions.

If in case a client doesn’t send a payment in two days, Evergreen Medicinal Supply reserves the right to cancel the order automatically.


The company prioritizes client satisfaction at all times hence, a customer service support from 10 am PST to 9 pm PST is available, and you may connect with them via email [email protected] or through chat which is located in the lower left corner of your screen. These representatives are also available to accommodate your concerns regarding cancellations, edits, or additions to your order.

Shopping for cannabis from trusted online dispensaries has never been made easier. Search no more and start browsing in the best online dispensary in Canada – Evergreen Medicinal.









Evergreen Medicinal is the Best Rated Online Dispensary in Canada