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British Columbia is renowned for its topnotch, quality marijuana strains and cross-breeding techniques. The official legalization of marijuana in Canada last October has also given rise to countless marijuana online dispensaries. With a renaissance that is now accepted in the entire Canadian society, which dispensary is the best among the rest?

BC Medi Chronic Review – The Best Online Dispensary in Canada

BC Medi Chronic isn’t just your ordinary mail-order marijuana but it’s ahead of the curve in distributing the most affordable and high-quality marijuana strains and other marijuana-infused products. Their team of marijuana experts has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Their marijuana strains are handpicked by these marijuana connoisseurs to ensure that their customers are getting the best quality.

Their Goal – Affordability, Quality, and Safety

BC Medi Chronic’s main objective is to provide safe and legal access to quality medicinal cannabis for patients Canada-wide. They also believe that patients who want to take advantage of medicinal cannabis’ healing benefits prefer discretion in every order. Hence, the shipping methods are in nondescript boxes to prevent distinguishable items when delivered. Last but not least, they have one of the most competitive prices in the market and a wide range of regular clientele.

Buy Weed Online

Some people who believe in marijuana’s healing advantages are also hesitant about buying weed online. However, the best online dispensaries in Canada, such as BC Medi Chronic, ensure that their customers’ weed online shopping is made easy and convenient by implementing simple ordering and payment procedures. Not to mention the friendly customer service staff that’s on standby for any inquiries, issues, and feedback.

Wide-Ranging Product Line

BC Medi Chronic has an extensive product line consumers can choose from. These products are cultivated using the most leading-edge techniques and avant-garde equipment. Some of their products include:

  •    Indica
  •    Sativa
  •    Hybrid
  •    Concentrates
  •    Shatter
  •    Extracts
  •    Hash
  •    Tinctures
  •    Topical
  •    Oils
  •    Edibles
  •    Accessories

Marijuana Flowers

Their wide array of cross-bred marijuana strains consist of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains which are cultivated and bred in perfection for maximum benefits.


  •    El Jefe 7 grams at $65
  •    Purple Candy 7 grams at $60
  •    Rockstar Wifi OG 7 grams at $60
  •    White Girl Kush 7 grams at $70
  •    Tom Ford Pink Kush 7 grams at $56
  •    Rockstar 7 grams at $60


  •    Guava 7 grams at $70
  •    Love Potion #1 7 grams at $65
  •    Moby Dick 7 grams at $70
  •    San Fernando Valley OG 7 grams at $60
  •    Strawberry Cough 7 grams at $55


  •    CBD Dream 7 grams at $60
  •    Cinderella 99 7 grams at $65
  •    Gelato 7 grams at $56
  •    Pink Kush 7 grams at $70
  •    Supernova 7 grams at $65
  •    Grease Monkey 7 grams at $70
  •    White Death 7 grams at $75
  •    Duke Nukem 7 grams at $60
  •    Annihilator 7 grams at $65

Concentrates, Shatter, CBD

  •    94 Octane Diamond 1 gram at $70
  •    Arnold Schwarzenegger Shatter by 91 Supreme at $45
  •    Black Nuken Zen Tank at $50
  •    Blue Amnesia Zen Tank at $50
  •    Blueberry by Phyto Shatter at $35
  •    Citrus Skunk Diamond at $70
  •    Ghost OG by Phyto Shatter at $35
  •    Granddaddy Purple by Phyto Shatter at $35
  •    Grapefruit Diamond at $70
  •    Killer Whale by Phyto Shatter at $35
  •    LSD by Phyto Shatter at $35
  •    Mixed Berries Diamond at $70
  •    No. 5 Concerto Shatter by 91 Supreme at $45
  •    Rockstar Live Diamond at $70
  •    Blue Nuken Zen Tank at $50
  •    Girl Scout Cookies CBD Zen Tank at $60
  •    Hindu CBD Zen Tank at $60
  •    Island Pink Zen GO at $50
  •    Jet Fuel Zen Tank at $50
  •    Sherbert Diamond at $70
  •    Sour Sunset CBD Zen Tank at $60
  •    Sour Tangie Zen Tank at $50
  •    Super Lemon Haze by Phyto Shatter at $35
  •    Death Bubba Zen Tank at $50
  •    And more…


  •    Baked CBD Phoenix Tears at $22.50
  •    Baked THC Phoenix Tears 225mg at $26
  •    Baked THC Phoenix Tears 450mg at $44
  •    CBD Spark of Life Tincture at $70
  •    Mercedes Hash 7 grams at $60
  •    Rockstar Bubba Hash 1 gram at $12
  •    Bio Tears at $22
  •    Blonde Indica Hash 7 grams at $55
  •    THC Oil Capsules 100mg at $6
  •    CBD Isolate Capsules 20mg at $3
  •    Honey-Infused Bio Tears at $22
  •    THC Tincture – Solvent Free & Lab Tested 15ml at $25


  •    CBD Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cup at $16
  •    Coconut Dreamy Bars at $12
  •    Dark Chocolate Almonds at $12
  •    Dark Chocolate Birthday Cake Cookies at 12.50
  •    Dark Chocolate Mint Cream Cookies at $12.50
  •    Dark Coconut Cream Cookies at $12.50
  •    Dark Peanut Butter Pie Cookies at $12.50
  •    Milk Chocolate Almonds at $12
  •    Mini Turtles at $12
  •    Milk Chocolate Chip Bar at $20
  •    Pumpkin Spice Bar at $12.50
  •    SKYE Dark Chocolate 100mg at $20
  •    SKYE Milk Chocolate 100mg at $20
  •    Sweet on You Dark Cherry Truffles at $13
  •    Chocolate Fudge Brownies 200mg at $17
  •    Lemon/Mango Drops at $8
  •    Sun Shower Gummies Bottle at $15
  •    And more…


  •    CBD Healing Lotion at $20
  •    THC Soothing Lotion at $20
  •    Zen Invigorate Sea Salt Scrub & Soak at $17.50
  •    Zen Invigorate Massage Oil 4oz. at $22.50
  •    Zen Relax Massage Oil 4oz. at $22.50
  •    And more…


  •    I-Tal Hempwick at $2
  •    KingPin Blueberry Bomb Hemp Wrap at $2.75
  •    Juicy Jay Birthday Cake King Size at $3.50
  •    RAW Rolling Paper Tips at $2.50
  •    Juicy Concentrate Pen at $65
  •    Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers at $3
  •    Dragon Chewer Grinder at $9
  •    RAW Hemp/Elements Rolling Machine at $8.50
  •    RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers at $3
  •    And more…

Easy Ordering Procedures

Buying weed online is quick and easy with BC Medi Chronic. It’s as simple as choosing the desired items under each menu and adding to cart. By clicking the “Checkout” button, the order will be processed once payment is confirmed.

Safe and Secure Payments  

Payments can only be made through Interac e-Transfers and bitcoin. If you bank with Canadian credit unions or regular banks, it will be easier through these financial institutions. Once payment is confirmed, the order will be shipped the following business day. All payment transactions are secured with updated encryption technologies.

Discreet Shipping and Packaging

Shipping fees vary from $17 to $35 for express and priority shipping, respectively. However, all orders above $150 are free of shipping charges. The orders will be placed in smell-proof, vacuum-sealed packages for ultimate discretion.

BC Medi Chronic – The Best Mail-Order Marijuana in Canada

Be part of their team and start reaping the benefits of high-grade cannabis delivered safely and legally from their dispensary to you.










BC Medi Chronic is the Best Rated Online Dispensary in Canada