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Shroom Bros offers mail order Magic Mushrooms in Canada. They offer mushrooms of the Psilocybe Cubensis variety, they are offered whole, in edibles or capsules. All their products are part of their in-house brand.


Criteria #1. Ordering 5/5 – Sign up was fast, checkout was just as easy.

Criteria #2. Communication 3.5/5 – Got a reply to my email after 14 hours. Pass. 

Criteria #3. Product/Price 4/5 – They had 9 different strains in their dried mushrooms category. There were quite a few strains there and some new strains I never heard of. They have nice packaging and the price was pretty good as well. All their products are part of their in-house brand..

  1. Dried Mushroom –They have 9 different strains for dried mushrooms so that’s pretty good. When you factor in the price, it makes quite a good deal. My only complaint was that there were quite a lot more broken pieces and crumble than I regularly get. I don’t order from them enough to know if this is common with them though so maybe I was just not lucky this time and the package got damaged during transit.
  2. Micro dose Mushroom Capsules – Nice looking packaging but they are in bags instead of bottles. I am worried the capsules may be damaged during transit. They have 3 different blends for microdosing and I am quite interested in trying them however.
  3. Distillate — A nice find. One of the only vendors that sell concentrated psilocybin. I am not into concentrates though so I can not provide a proper review for this product.

Criteria #4. Photos 4 – Average. It looks like it was taken from an iPhone camera.

Criteria #5. Incentive 3.5/5 – Tax was included, and shipping was free for orders over $150. No coupons were available. 

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Free Shipping on all orders over $150

Notes – The website was simple and easy to use. My only issue is that they don’t have a FAQs section that explains their terms of service and how their shipping/checkout process is.

As with every new supplier you order from, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take it easy with our first dosage.

Start with micro-doses and commit to our dose for at least 2 hours. When you have a better feel of the potency and know that what you have is edible psilocybin mushrooms–only then is when you should increase the dosage to what you are comfortable with.

I know I say this with every review, but I can not stress this issue enough.

Please be very cautious with the dosing when you are ordering from a new supplier or even if it is just a new batch from the same supplier.

Your safety is most important and is worth any inconvenience.