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Shrooms Now Review

Shrooms Now Review Website: shroomsnow.com Ordering: Website was easy to use. They got a deal for a half ounce of Golden Teacher whole mushrooms for $75 so I ordered that (originally listed as $150). Or rather, I tried to order that. It was out of stock. I went to their dried shrooms section to take […]

BuyWeed247 Review

Welcome to BuyWeed247.com the finest medical marijuana online mail order service. We have the hottest and highest quality products from Vancouver Canada. We offer an assortment of marijuana Buds, marijuana concentrates and marijuana edibles.

Order Bud Online

Our Guiding Principles We’re committed to changing the perception of marijuana. We believe all Canadians over the age of 19 should have access to the many benefits that marijuana offers. With legalization happening in October, the Canadian government now agrees. In their most recent ruling, the Supreme Court of Canada said that all patients are […]

Triple Loud Review

Why should you pick Triple Loud? Thriving to be the best online dispensary in Canada, they want Canadians to have the best experience in this new era where cannabis is fully legalized, super easy to access and with an array of strains to choose from! After October 17, 2018 everything has changed. Canada has finally […]

Astro Leafs Review

Why Cannabis Consumers are Loving Astro Leafs As one of Canada’s top contenders in the growing cannabis industry, Astro Leafs Online Dispensary sets itself apart by providing recreational and medical marijuana users the best products available on the market. Based in the west coast, Astro Leafs sources from local and professional growers in British Columbia, […]

Get Kush Review

October was a month of triumph for all marijuana aficionados in Canada as its legalization finally took place. In line with this exultation, we are also seeing an upsurge in mail-order marijuana. However, people want the cream of the crop with the highest quality and the lowest price. In this Get Kush Review, we will […]

The Green Ace Review

  Why The Green Ace Is Gaining Popularity   They Follow Rules, and They Want You to Do So Too Being the best online dispensary in Canada licensed with the federal government, they want Canadians to take advantage of the benefits of medical cannabis. Consequently, they are always leaning towards a safe and legal distribution […]

The Herbal Coast Review

Company Introduction The Herbal Coast has been part of a community that has been working towards legalizing medicinal cannabis for over 15 years. Their motto is “Be part of the solution.” They have been running two storefront dispensaries in the Vancouver area for the last three years, without running into any legal issues or closures. […]

Goldbuds Review

Company Introduction Goldbuds provide guaranteed, reliable medical marijuana purchasing and shipping to their members. They offer prices and selections that your local dispensaries may not able to provide for you. They provide the mail order marijuana you deserve with prompt tracking code and responses. They hope to see you among our valued members. Don’t forget […]

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