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October was a month of triumph for all marijuana aficionados in Canada as its legalization finally took place. In line with this exultation, we are also seeing an upsurge in mail-order marijuana. However, people want the cream of the crop with the highest quality and the lowest price. In this Get Kush Review, we will cover why Get Kush should be your go-to when it comes to your marijuana needs.

Get Kush Review – Why They Are the Best Online Dispensary in Canada

First and foremost, Get Kush is not just your ordinary mail-order marijuana. They pride themselves in being a close-knit team of siblings who have learned hard work and genuine service from their father who managed a well-known large wholesale store.

Meet Nancy and Ryan – a sister and brother who equally have the same passion for sharing the fascinating benefits of cannabis. They believe in true service and an equal opportunity for people to get their hands on great cannabis and delight in its healing powers.

Their Goal – Fun and Affordable Shopping Experience

Nancy and Ryan truly believe that people, 19 years and above, shouldn’t be deprived of cannabis. That’s why their goal is to create the best shopping experience while saving them money on great marijuana.

Safe and Convenient Shopping

The fact that people are quite hesitant in buying marijuana online because of security reasons hinders a truly awesome experience with cannabis. Get Kush is one of the legal distributors of marijuana with the know-how that is unmatched. Their professionalism in this industry is extremely revered by their regular clientele. Responsibility and innovation are also two priorities that are of utmost importance. Since this sector didn’t exist before, the founders of Get Kush are bringing high-quality cannabis from their dispensary to your doorstep in a fun and affordable way.

Money-back guarantees are almost always nonexistent in this type of industry but with Get Kush – it is possible.

Best Price Guarantee

A lot of online dispensaries are claiming to have the best prices in the market, but Get Kush tops all of the competition by putting service first instead of profitability. They rely on a trusting relationship with their customers to keep the business going. Get Kush is guaranteed to have the lowest price in the market with the highest discretion. They guarantee that the entire shopping experience will be a positive one that is based on reliability, security, and affordability.

Look No More – Shop with Get Kush

Cannabis shopping online has never been easier with Get Kush. A few good reasons to choose this online dispensary is that they’ve capped their margins. Their budget-friendly line doesn’t compromise quality. They also offer free samples with every order. Plus, they hold monthly contests with great prizes! They also have a wide array of products you can choose from.

Superior Product Line

Their top-of-the-line products are guaranteed to give customers the specific healing they need. Their list of products includes:

• Balanced Hybrid

• Sativa

• Indica

• Concentrates

• Shatter

• Budder/Wax

• Hash

• Oils

• Edibles

• Cbd

• Vapes


Also known as the “wheelchair weed,” this type of strain can get marijuana users riveted to their chair all day. Indica strains are bushier and wider, but also shorter in size.

• Afghani 7 grams at $57.50

• Black Diamond 7 grams at $60

• Black Roses 7 grams at $60

• Blue Cheese 7 grams at $60

• Blue Lights 7 grams at $57.50

• Blueberry Skunk 7 grams at $52.50

• Darkside OG 7 grams at $60

• Death Bubba 14 grams at $105

• Gas Mask 7 grams at $60

• Mataro Blue (AAAA) 7 grams at $65

• And more!


These strains are used for relieving pain and stress. The aftereffect of smoking Sativa is a euphoric state which gets the consumer energized, calm, and creative.

• King Tut (AAAA) 7 grams at $67.50

• Mango Haze (AAAA) 7 grams at $67.50

• Orange Juice (AAAA) 7 grams at $70

• Red Congo (AAAA) 7 grams at $65

• Strawberry Cough 7 grams at $50


Hybrid strains are cross-cultivated Indica and Sativa strains. The effect of smoking this type of strain depends on which strain is dominant. In general, Hybrid strains can make consumers focused and energized at the same time.

• Angel Cake (AAAA) 7 grams $70

• BC Big Bud 7 grams at $45

• Bruce Banner #3 7 grams at $55

• Cannalope 7 grams at $57.50

• Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) 7 grams at $55

• Gorilla Glue 5 7 grams at $55

• Grease Monkey 7 grams at $50

• Pink Kush 7 grams at $55

• Purple Hashplant 7 grams at $52.50

• Snow White 14 grams at $80


Concentrates can be in the form of wax, budder, dabs, black glass, and ear wax. They are extremely potent and has an impressive 40% to 80% THC content.

• Aura Extracts Shatter at $40

• CBD Tincture (300mg) at $49.99

• Get Kush Hash at $35

• Get Kush Shatter – Death Bubba at $60

• GK Budder at $60

• Moonshine Extracts – THC Honey Oil at $50

• Moonshine Extracts – THC Phoenix Tears at $50

• Rolex Hash at $40

• And more!


These are cannabis-infused edibles or liquids that is another option of taking marijuana for those who don’t want to smoke it.

• Ed & Bills Big Feet Gummy Candies at $29.99

• Faded Edibles at $16

• Ed & Bills Watermelons at $29.99

• Tetra Bites Gummy Candies at $15

• Twisted Extracts Orange Jelly Bomb at $15


• CBD Tincture (300mg) at $49.99

• Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts at $15

Easy Ordering and Payment

Consumers can browse through their products online and just put the items they want in their cart. At the moment, Get Kush only honours payments via Interac e-transfers. After the payment is confirmed, the package will be shipped in one to two business days.

If a customer wishes to cancel an order which isn’t processed yet, they may email [email protected] with the order number in the subject line.

Safe and Secure Shipping

By default, a signature will be required for all orders. This is to ensure that the package is delivered safely to the right person. However, if customers don’t want this option, they may contact their friendly customer service representatives at [email protected].

All packages are shipped in smell-proof bags which are then secured in a nondescript box.

Get Kush – The Best Mail-Order Marijuana in Canada

Get Kush provides cannabis from coast to coast. With their genuine service and commendable reliability, there is no doubt that they are the best online dispensary in Canada. Enjoy shopping!








Get Kush is the Best Rated Online Dispensary in Canada