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Website was clean and simple to use. Checking out was fast. I ordered 7 grams of Live Psilocybin which was listed at $65.


The shipping charges are a flat rate of $20. They ship through XpressPost which is standard for Canadian dispensaries.


It took them about 13 hours to reply to me but I contacted them after work so that was expected.

Like all businesses, it is better to contact them doing regular business hours for quick response. It might take them some time to respond if you are messaging late or on the weekends.


All their products have come in proper containers and labels. No damage when I received my order. The packaging is standard with other mail order dispensaries. Nothing new.

Strains Listed for Whole Mushrooms

This dispensary has 2 options for whole mushrooms but does not describe their strain.

*** As with all new suppliers you order from, we recommend that you order something you are familiar with so you can make a better comparison to what you are used to.

Also please exercise caution with dosages when trying a new supplier. This is very very important and we can not stress this enough.

Product Quality:

The products all came as advertised. The potency was alright. All their products have proper packaging and labels.

However, they don’t tell you which strain each product is derived from though which threw me off. If you are looking for a particular strain, you won’t find it at this website. You will find a variety of brands but there is no variety of strains.

***As a rule of thumb, when you receive raw mushrooms, you must check to see if they sent you a whole piece to compare to the pictures. If what you received is grounded mushrooms, that is a big no no.


Pricing was modest. They don’t sell bulk. 


Photos will upload soon on IMGUR

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The website is easy to use. They sell products from a variety of brands. They do not tell you which strain of Psilocybin mushrooms their products come from and do not have much variety also but the pricing is modest. They do have a FAQs section that clearly explains their shipping/ordering process.

They do provide information on psilocybin mushrooms for people new to psychedelics. If you are new to magic mushrooms, I highly recommend you do more research online before you start to experiment with psilocybin as the information dispensaries provide are very limited.


As with every new supplier you order from, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take it easy with your first dosage.

Start with micro-doses and commit to your dose for at least 2 hours. When you have a better feel of the potency and know that what you have is genuine psilocybin mushrooms–only then is when you should increase the dosage to what you are comfortable with.

I know I say this with every review but I can not stress this issue enough.

Please be very cautious with dosing when you are ordering from a new supplier or even if it is just a new batch from the same supplier.

Your safety is most important and is worth any inconvenience!