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Magic Mushrooms Dispensary offers mail order Magic Mushrooms in Canada. They offer mushrooms of the Psilocybe Cubensis variety, they are offered whole, in edibles or capsules.


Criteria #1. Ordering 5/5 – Sign up was quick and seamless, check out was fast and secure.

Criteria #2. Communication 3/5 – Got a reply to my email after 16 hours which is OK.

Criteria #3. Product/Price 4/5 – They have 14 different strains which is nice. Quite a few exotic strains as well. The price is a little bit on the high side for my liking though.

  1. Dried Mushroom – Excellent. They have 14 strains of dried mushroom on their menu. I tested the Golden Teachers and the stem to cap ratio was pretty good and the potency was there. 
  2. Micro dose Mushroom Capsules – They have a decent variety of blends from different companies. I am not into microdosing so I can not give a proper review on them. They are properly packaged in bottles and look like there has been much thought put into the products.
  3. Tea – They don’t have much of a variety in terms of tea–3 to be exact. I am not in favor of the flavors they have.

Criteria #4. Photos 4/5 – Average. It looks like it was taken from an iPhone camera.

Criteria #5. Incentive 4/5 – Tax was included, and shipping was free for orders over $99. No coupons were available. 

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Notes – The website was easy to use. They have a FAQ section that is clear and explains how to use their website with the ordering/shipping process as well.

As with every new supplier you order from, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you take it easy with our first dosage.

Start with micro-doses and commit to our dose for at least 2 hours. When you have a better feel of the potency and know that what you have is edible psilocybin mushrooms–only then is when you should increase the dosage to what you are comfortable with.

I know I say this with every review, but I can not stress this issue enough.

Please be very cautious with the dosing when you are ordering from a new supplier or even if it is just a new batch from the same supplier.

Your safety is most important and is worth any inconvenience.