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The history of the legalization of marijuana has brought about ultramodern ways to distribute cannabis to all those wanting to make use of its healing powers. It gave rise to online dispensaries with an extensive product line suitable for every cannabis user, whether for recreation or medical purposes.

But with so many weed online dispensaries wanting in on this spiraling industry, so many people are left with a huge dilemma of which one to choose. In this Weed Smart Review, we will point out the facts about why this company is considered as one of the best in the business.

About Weed Smart

They are not just an ordinary weed online dispensary, they revel in keeping a team of marijuana connoisseurs with over 20 years of experience in propagating and crossbreeding marijuana products. They have a wide range of products made available for delivery within three business days. They ensure top-flight cannabis locally grown with love in British Columbia.

Different review sites have dubbed this company as the best online dispensary in Canada. They have dominated their first-rate services throughout Canada’s provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, et al.

Their Priority: Exemplary Service

Weed Smart doesn’t want to be like the other ordinary weed online dispensaries in Canada. They want to be considered the crème de la crème in the business. Therefore, they always ensure premium service by distributing high-quality cannabis all throughout Canada. They believe that people, 19 years and above, deserve to have the privileges of excellent cannabis for recreational and medical uses.

They are passionate about providing great customer support so expect to have perpetual assistance before and even after purchasing from Weed Smart. Once you order from them, you will be considered as part of their community of cannabis advocates. That’s why they also offer several programs to their clients so they can fully enjoy marijuana use at cheaper costs.

Why Choose Weed Smart?

Weed Smart is a trusted and reliable online dispensary in Canada. When they say their products are high-quality, expect to get just that. Their cannabis flowers are cultivated using the most advanced growing techniques and they make sure to always keep their technologies updated as well. But getting high-quality cannabis doesn’t stop there, all their products undergo quality assurance to guarantee that clients get the value for their money. And speaking of value, they also offer the most affordable marijuana products in the business.

In addition, because of the nature of the business, Weed Smart makes certain that all transactions are encrypted and all packages are vacuum-sealed for total discretion.

Broad Product Line

Weed Smart’s reputation as the best online dispensary in Canada will guarantee their clients first-rate cannabis flowers and cannabis-infused products. All you have to do is browse through their site when you want to explore the different cannabis they offer and go through the easy and fast ordering system. In case you want to know more information about a particular product, their customer service representatives are available to help you anytime.

Choose from the different premium flowers they provide:


Black Diamond – 7 grams – $64.99

Nuken Baby – 14 grams – $79.99

Rockstar – 7 grams – $49.99

Ahi Tuna Kush (Sealed Can) – 7 grams – $79.99

Premium Rolled 6 Joints – $40

Indica Sample Pack – $200


Alice in Wonderland – 7 grams – $59.99

Grape Goddess – 7 grams – $59.99

Hawaiian Punch – 7 grams – $49.99

Raspberry Cough – 7 grams – $59.99

Premium Rolled 6 Joints – $40

Sativa Sample Pack – $250


El Muerte – 7 grams – $59.99

Girls Scout Cookies – 7 grams – $69.99

Orange Cookies – 7 grams – $54.99

Pineapple Express – 7 grams – $49.00

Premium Rolled 6 Joints – $40

Hybrid Sample Pack – $ 225

If you prefer consuming or dabbing cannabis, you may also choose from their wide-ranging cannabis-infused products such as concentrates, CBD, edibles, and beverages.


Faded Extract Shatter – $45


Lifestyle CBD Isolate – 1 gram – $69.99

Mota White CBD Clear Sphere – 100 mg – $20

Peach CBD Jelly Bomb – 80 mg per package – $12.50


Blue Raspberry Soda – $15.50

Chocolate Dipped Sour Key – $10.50

Dried Pineapples – 80 mg THC – $15

Faded Edible – Fizzy Colas – 150 mg THC – $25

Medicated Sour Peaches Gummies – 100 mg THC 20 mg CBD – $13.50

Mota Hard Candies (comes in different flavors) – $

Mota Dweebs 125 mg THC – 15.50

Mota Medicated Tarantulas Gummies (Indica) – $13.50

Mota Dried Kiwi – 80 mg THC – $15

Mota Wigglers Gummies (Sativa) – $13.50


Iced Tea Mix – $14

Mota Canna Cocoa – 150 mg THC – $14

Temple Tea Caramel Chia Pu-Erh – $15

Temple Tea Egyptian Chamomile (Other flavors: Jasmine Green, Lemon Grass, Lemon Sencha, Moroccan Mint, Spiced Chocolate Rooibos) – $15

Yoni Relax Tea – 300 mg THC 100 mg CBD – $20

Join the Family and Get Benefits!

Weed Smart wants you to become part of their expanding community of cannabis lovers. Hence, these programs are specially made to give you great benefits while enjoying their products.

Rewards System

Become a member and earn 100 points upon subscription. Members will also earn 1 point for every dollar spent and 5 points for every review posted. Redeem $1 for every 25 points. Order more for points accumulation!

Be an Affiliate

Why not spread Weed Smart’s superior products by becoming an affiliate? Weed Smart will set you up with your own link and you will get a percentage of 7.5 percent as your commission for every sale made.

Refer a Friend

Friends who smoke together will stay forever. If you refer your friends, you will get $20 off on your next purchase. Your friends won’t be left behind too; they will get $50 off when they purchase around $200 using the referral link.

Safe and Secure Payments

Payments should only be made through Interac e-Transfer. A minimum order of $99 is needed to complete the transaction and a meager shipping fee of $20 is all you need to pay. However, if you order over $200, the shipping fee will be waived. For changes in your orders, you may email [email protected].

Fast and Discreet Shipping

Orders are shipped via Xpresspost and your package will be right on your doorstep within 1 to 3 business days. But because they value safety and secrecy, the packages are vacuum-sealed in nondescript boxes to avoid any suspicion.

What are You Waiting for? Order Now!

There’s no need to search on the web for the best online dispensary in Canada anymore. Weed Smart provides you with everything you need. They assure you 100 percent satisfaction in every order!








Weed Smart is the Best Rated Online Dispensary in Canada